Why Companies Want You To Use Coupons For Lakeland Restaurants

You think companies don’t want you to use the coupons they produce for you? You think Lakeland restaurants frown upon the use of coupons when you dine in? Sure, there may be some waiters and waitresses who would look down their noses at you (as if they haven’t use coupons before), but they are not what matters when it comes to coupons.

When we talk about discounts, we’re talking about real money here. This is the money you’re going to save instead of shelling out for whatever it is you want to eat that day. Are you going to say no to a free dessert or a free appetizer? Chances are, somehow, you’ve already paid for that freebie. Maybe you got your coupon/s from ordering a special entrée before in the same restaurant? Or maybe you availed of their discount card and that’s why you have a coupon with you?

However you got those coupons, you should never feel ashamed or embarrassed for using them. Everybody practically does. Even billionaires like Warren Buffet uses coupons to save cash. Why? Because a businessman like him knows that companies want you to use the coupons they issue. Simply put, their marketing strategy did not go to waste. If you don’t use the coupons, that means that all the effort, time, and energy they put into this strategy went to waste. It’s a failed experiment.

By the way, no company or restaurant would offer a coupon for a top-selling dish or item. That rarely happens. When they do issue coupons for an item or a dish, that means they want you (the customers) to try it and give a feedback. They will most likely base their decision on whether or not to continue the item or the dish on your recommendation.

Coupons are a way for companies to get the pulse of their target market. What do you want? How do you want it? Do you still want it? It’s a way for them to survey what it is you are looking for without having you answer questions upon questions. Instead of giving you a piece of paper and a pen, they would simply give you a free dessert coupon and see how you would react—whether the demand for a dish will increase or not in the foreseeable future.

So, the next time you dine in, don’t be embarrassed to take out those coupons from your bag. They were printed to be used, so there’s no need for you to cower against those judgmental eyes of the wait staff.

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